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Studio, Sounds, Stargazing

We’re busy preparing for summer up here on the hill and really looking forward to showing new works, exhibitions, musical soirees and enjoying clear warm evening starry skies. Keep an eye out on December 21 for the ‘Grand Conjunction’ of Jupiter and Saturn when they appear almost as one star in the west!

Check out the recent Night Sky family viewing and walk as part of the Waiheke Walking Festival 2020. It was a bit of cloudy night but did manage to see in the gaps!

New shows are up at the Waiheke Community Art Gallery and there’s a lot going on!

The Art Map 2021 is nearly out,  so let’s get ready for a great summer!

Studio Hours 11 – 4 Sunday – Tuesday or just ring anytime to arrange a time that suits!

Kim Wesney 021 887819

Open 11 - 4 general THBC KW


Summer Studio days and Stargazing Nights

It has been an extraordinary few months of hot dry weather, great for the beach and fantastic sunsets, (looking forward to a bit of rain tho’! 🙂

Pop into the studio this weekend on the way up to Peacock Sky’s Trig Hill Craft and Music Fair this Sunday March 1.

If the weather keeps up it’ll be another sunset session on the deck and Stargazing later on in the evening. Glorious!


What a week! After experiencing last weeks strange skies here, from over 2,000 kms away, hearts and hands go out to Australia, where the bush-fires are still raging. I can’t knit, (yet:)) so all works are on summer sale, (making room for a new suite of paintings over 2020) and all proceeds towards WIRES.


Red Sky THBC Montage

Studio ad Sundays


Studio – Sounds – Stars – Summer 2020

2020 is here and with it, the Art Map 2020 out now, available at the gallery and up at the studio.

Watch this space for a schedule of Open Studio dates along with stargazing evenings and other events coming up over the summer starting with the weekend 4-5 January.
Come on up, I’m having a celebration summer sale! The guitar will be out and later on if it’s clear well be having a look at Orion, Matariki and the ‘fainting’ Betelgeuse… who knows…. we can imagine it going Supernova!

Open Studio Summer 2020


Winter…this week! August 2019

There’s a wintery blast making itself known this week…….I guess…. it must be winter! All in all it’s been pretty mild tho’, the spring flowers are already starting and with it we’re getting the place ready for spring and summer activities – watch this space and click on the links keep up with all things Trig HillBase Camp, NightShift – Stargazing Waiheke and a bunch of other island news. Wrap up warm and see you soon!

Turn Off The Computer and Go Outside

Summer 2019, Studio Tuesdays, Sculpture on the Gulf & Starry Skies (that’s a lot of S’s!)

What a summer it’s been and  there’s more to come with Perpetual Guardian Sculpture on the Gulf opening 1 March around the Matiatia headlands and into Oneroa. A great reason to get out and go for an inspiring walk around the gorgeous coastal tracks, take in the art and celebrate the creativity that resides on the island and beyond. Check out the website for all the latest news and info and see you on the track!

Meantime, it’s still all go in the garden and the forest, Studio Tuesdays, Dark Sky Waiheke Island work and some gorgeous evenings of NightShift – Stargazing Waiheke continue. Also, check out the Starlight Conference coming up in October, we’re really looking forward to the winter skies, Matariki will be here before we know it –  Clear Skies!

Dob vieiwing

Summer 2018 …heading into 2019!

Can’t believe how fast the year has gone! Hope this finds you all well and heading into the holiday season with some time off to recover!

We have some exciting activities planned for ‘up the hill’ after Xmas. As you may know with our Nightshift hats on we’ve been involved with the Dark Sky Waiheke Island project. With the warmer summer evenings arriving we plan to host some ‘late nights up the hill’ by rolling on from Open Studio ArtLounge days into an evening soiree and on into the night with epic stargazing. There will be coffee! A lot of coffee…:)

We’ll post confirmed dates soon and cross our fingers for clear skies!  Meanwhile visit Dark Sky NZ  for more info about the project NZ wide and locally, and Kim for news about the studio and new gallery space up here.

Ravstar Kim and Sarah

Latest news & there’s quite a bit of it!

Hello there! It’s been a really busy summer as you’ll see from the THBC Facebook page.  TrigHillBaseCamp

So we thought it’s high time to let you know about what’s been happening recently and what’s coming up over Autumn and into the Waiheke Winter months.

First and foremost!
Earlier in March the Waiheke Local Board resolved to move forward its initiative to “work to protect our night skies for present and future generations” by working towards an application for accreditation as an International Dark Sky Place. The Notice of Motion pointed out the the deep congruence of this initiative with community values and aspirations articulated in Essentially Waiheke vision:
– facilitates reconnection with nature;
– offers unique recreational and leisure opportunities;
– offers learning and opportunities, intellectual stimulation and citizen science opportunities for school goers, youth, adults and community groups;
– protects half the island’s natural environment (i.e. the sky) from light pollution;
– conserves the cultural/spiritual heritage of Maori astronomy knowledge and practice;
– nurtures an iconic Waiheke natural asset retaining its rural environment/character;
– paves the way for low-impact ecotourism economic development opportunities from sharing world-class night skies;
– provides a memorable visitor experience available after daylight hours and during the shoulder seasons (the night skies are at their best during winter months);
enables 24-hour enjoyment of the island’s reserves and parks;
– minimises damage to biodiversity from any disruption to circadian rhythm through excess lighting;
– maintains Waiheke’s attractive nightscapes and therefore its integrity and character in sharp contrast to the urban Auckland location;
– provides the opportunity to offer unique and diverse community activities such as those undertaken during 2017; and
– supports environmentally-responsible guardianship of a natural asset.

We congratulate the Waiheke Local Board on its vision and commitment to conservation.

This is fantastic news and now the DarkSkyNZ Waiheke Team including us (and you!) can continue preparing the application for accreditation.  You may even see the NightShift Ravstar outside the studio from time to time, pop on in!

For more info visit: DarkSkyNZ FB page  or NightShift- Stargazing Waiheke as there’s a lot going on with regular Ostend Market info stalls once a month and free public telescope viewing in the Artworks Courtyard and more!

And coming up June 2-4, we can’t wait! The Winter Open Studios Weekend this year Trig Hill will be the center of our universe with new works, jewellery, music and if it’s clear telescope viewing from  the deck or up at Puke Atua. Tickets are just $20 for the whole weekend, it’s going to be astronomical!

That’s it for now, keep an eye on the Facebook pages for more frequent updates and images, and now it’s time to:

Turn Off The Computer and Go Outside

On the deck of the MV Hrossey heading to 60 degrees North, Shetland Islands

Reporting back from 60 degrees North!

We’re back! In time to continue training for the 12km Traverse of the Auckland Marathon on the 30 October and lose the extra layers of insulation we gained with wonderful Scottish and Shetland fare.

We have to unpack all the images , notes and  observations and will update this page soon.

We had an amazing time and can’t wait to share it with you, amazing places, wildlife, landscapes, seascapes, people and stories. See you soon!

On the deck of the MV Hrossey heading to 60 degrees North, Shetland Islands
On the deck of the MV Hrossey heading to 60 degrees North, Shetland Islands