Summer 2018 …heading into 2019!

Can’t believe how fast the year has gone! Hope this finds you all well and heading into the holiday season with some time off to recover!

We have some exciting activities planned for ‘up the hill’ after Xmas. As you may know with our Nightshift hats on we’ve been involved with the Dark Sky Waiheke Island project. With the warmer summer evenings arriving we plan to host some ‘late nights up the hill’ by rolling on from Open Studio ArtLounge days into an evening soiree and on into the night with epic stargazing. There will be coffee! A lot of coffee…:)

We’ll post confirmed dates soon and cross our fingers for clear skies!  Meanwhile visit Dark Sky NZ  for more info about the project NZ wide and locally, and Kim for news about the studio and new gallery space up here.

Ravstar Kim and Sarah

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